Cindy Williams is an independent National sales director with Mary Kay Inc.

She joined Mary Kay at age 25, and earned her 1st pink Cadillac at age 27.

Cindy has led her team to earn a total of 17 Pink Cadillacs; and currently proudly drives a pink Escalade hybrid.

Her mary Kay accolades include:
Breaking two company records as a DIQ. (Cindy and her team sold more Mary Kay in 3 months than had ever been done by a DIQ, qualifying unit)
First year as a director, her unit sold over $400,000 Then $500,000 $650,000 $850,000 And over $1 MILLION in annual retail sales for 5 consecutive years, the highest

Cindy led her Unit to #1 in the Nation twice!
Cindy has qualified for the Top Mary Kay Trips every year except one since 1987.... That means mary Kay Inc rewarded Cindy's Leadership, with 27 years of ALL EXPENSE PAID, annual First Class dream vacations, to exciting destinations ALL OVER THE WORLD... Paris, Rome, London, Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Greek island cruises, Russia, Denmark, Sweeden, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

In 1999, the Williams National Area debuted...PROUDLY reaching the DIAMOND CIRCLE 6 times and the prestigious INNER CIRCLE 6 times.
Cindy is an International trainer for Mary Kay Inc, and proudly serves on the company's Advisory Board.

Cindy has earned over $6 MILLION DOLLARS in Mary Kay, with her highest monthly
earnings of over $60,000.

Updated 6/2014

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