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Coaching Tips
Ideas and things to keep in mind when coaching a class

Training From Cindy

It's Girl Time Hostess Flyer


Team Building Interview
Use this information to book and conduct an interview about
the opportunity
5 Effective Recruiting Questions
Follow Up and Follow Through for Results
Career Chat Guide
Overcoming Objections


Team Building Packet
The following information should be included in your team
building packet.

Mary Kay Team Building Brochure (Section 2)
Mary Kay Career Path Brochure (Section 2)
Agreement (Section 2)
Business Card
8 Reasons to Start Your Mary Kay Business
Consider What MK Has to Offer
Team Building CD (Option - Section 2)


Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members so

they can learn more about the company and opportunity.
Moving On Up :: Lisa Madson Article
Company Spotlight On Mary Kay
Mary Kay in USA Today

Click here to hear more about Mary Kay with NSD Cindy Williams

or dial 641-715-3800  79457# (option 1)


Opportunity Surveys
Have prospects fill one of these out after hearing about the

opportunity from you, on the hotline, or by watching the DVD.
Guest Survey
What Women are Looking for Survey - Word


Team Building Tips
Great tips and info on team building.
DISC for Team Builders
Information for Team Builders

Team Builder Layering Chart



Additional Info

DIQ Tracking Sheet

Marketing Plan Cards PDF | Publisher
NSD Kathy Rasmussen Interview

Is Direct Sales Difficult?
Proven Scripts for 5 New Recruits
DISC Personalities
DISC People-Reading Guide
DISC Recruiting Interview
Recruiting questions to help close the interview
Traits of a Successful Recruiter
Ten Commandments of a Successful Recruiter

Recruiting Notebook
Overcome Recruiting Objections
Team Building With Quality Prospects
Price Tag for Success
Women in Business Portfolio
Professional Woman Referral

Networking Portfolio Bio

Professional Portfolio Slips
Starter Kit 2012
$100 Marketing


Tiffany Malts Skin Care Class Marketing - NEW!!!

Marketing Bag

Marketing Bag Contents

Marketing Bag :: Word Doc

Tell us what you think



Customer Service

Use these helpful documents to better serve your customers

Develop a Reorder Business





Mary Kay Product Information

Botanical Effects Challenge | Excel

Mary Kay Product Central (Will Need InTouch Login)
How to Setup the New Cosmetic Trays
Order of Application Cards - Includes New Even Complexion Mask!
Order of Application Version 2 PDF | Publisher

Ultimate Miracle & OFEM



They can be printed on one big label and cut out or printed on plain paper.  Apply to the back of your demo products then and apply to the back of demo products then use wide, clear packing tape and cover the label to protect.

MK Repair Labels PDF | Word

TimeWise Labels PDF | Word

TimeWise Supplements PDF | Word


Color Product Information

Foundation Shade Comparison Guide

Mineral Eye Color Bundles


TimeWise Repair

Photos: 4 Days | 16 Days | Linda Toupin Before & After

TW Repair Sample Instructions

TWR Making the Transition

TW Repair Sampler Fact Sheet

How to Open the Product


Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business finance in order, focus on what activities will make you money, and get ready for tax time

Want to Have Inventory, But No Money?

Cindy Photo Label PDF | Publisher
Simple 60-40 Money Management

Price Tag Poster

Organizing Your Inventory





Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get organized, and see what areas of your business can improve

New Consultant Handbook
All Seminar Tracking
T-Tracking Sheet
Commission Comparison

Daily Action Sheet
Tracking Notebook


Office Max Retail Connect Card

User ID: marykaycslt

Password: purch2


This information will inspire you in your Mary Kay Career

Mary Kay Success Story - NSD Birgit Johnson
Mary Kay's Godly Woman Article
The Dream Movie
Cindy's Keys to Success




Touch of Beauty with Class - April Landrum Johns in Article


Husbands Corner
Information for Husbands

Mary Kay and My Career - Kenneth Thurman